Lee Jung hyun

Name: Lee Jung-hyun (Lee Jeong-hyeon)
Nick Name: JangGu
Born: 1980-Feb-07 in Taegu, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 43kg Blood type: O
Profession: Actress, K-pop Singer, Model

Lee Jung Hyun made her debut at 16 years old in movie Kkonnip (꽃잎, "Petal"). Before releasing her first solo music album she featured as a guest vocalist on the Jo PD single "Fever", also appearing in the music video. Her early solo work is techno-style dance music. Her first single, Wa (와, "Come") topped the Korean charts for three weeks, while her third, Bakkwo (바꿔, "Change") won awards for Best Song and Most Broadcast Song. With her fifth album, Passion, she switched to a different style of music, Latin, complete with Spanish Guitar and flamenco-style tap dance. Many of her songs are sung in an angry mood, from the perspective of a rejected lover. in 2006,Lee Jung Hyun also released Japanese versions of her early hits Wa and Heaven in December 2004, and released her first Japanese album, THIS IS HYONY. Evonne Hsu (许慧欣)'s "Lonely Ballet" (孤单芭蕾/Gu Dan Ba Lei) is also a cover of Lee Jung Hyun's "Michyeo" (미쳐/Crazy). Cyndi Wang (王心凌)'s "HONEY" is also another cover of Lee Jung Hyun's "Summer Dance". Jordan Chan (陈小春)'s Covered Lee Jung Hyun's I love you Chulsoo

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